2pS is a management consultancy that is both task and goal-oriented and operates in complex, often technical working environments in support of public sector authorities and businesses. We are active at organizational, financial, legal and operational interfaces and in various functions and commissions. Today’s issues can no longer be solved by using traditional structures and models. Specialized 2pS teams are available that have been tailored to specific needs in order to achieve a successful solution from various angles and disciplines. If desired, our commitment towards achieving a successful solution is guaranteed by means of a reward model strongly depending on the client’s short-term and long-term result. With this type of ‘participation management’ and our conviction that we can make a difference, the results desired are achieved. At 2pS, this is based on broad expertise and experience, but most of all through our entrepreneurship and use of creativity. We, as 2pS, can pride ourselves on our extensive references list of projects where we have achieved demonstrable better results for our client.

Management consultancy 2pS

2pS works for clients from private and public sectors and in combinations of the two in public-private partnerships.

Collaborating, identifying, integrating

2pS’s contributions mainly lie in making parties collaborate and identifying and integrating systems.

Independent professionals

2pS partners have operated in such sectors as manufacturing, construction and government and have been active as independent professionals for years.

   Recent 2pS cases